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MELISSA EVANS TIERRA is co-founder and Academy Chair for The San Diego Piano Academy, San Diego's premier academy for pianists.

Created in 2017 by concert pianists, Chetan and Melissa Tierra, the academy has now grown to include well over 100 local students, boasts a roaster of six accomplished pianists as faculty, and has now expanded to include several online courses with students worldwide. Students range from all ages and levels, and the academy is proud to showcase several prize winning students both locally and internationally.

Melissa brings the highest level of insight to her students through her years of teaching and performance experience and carefully tailors the lessons to each individual student. She enjoys teaching motivated students of all levels.

The basics of piano playing always begin with a classical foundation, but as the student progresses, other styles of music, songwriting and improvisation can be learned upon request. All lessons include a holistic musical approach, including technique, theory, sight reading and ear training.

To learn more about private lessons or our online courses, visit the academy's website here.

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