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“Incredible” - Dane S.


“BRAVO TO MELISSA!!!  She is an amazing artist!!  I loved the performances, the piece selection, and sequence. It came across as an integrated whole, and ended with such a deep feeling of peace. I just sat there for 10 minutes afterwards.....  just beautiful!” - Rick G.


“Incredible concert. Loved every moment. You're a musician of the highest order, and directly because of people like you, classical music actually stands a fighting chance. Brava! I also really loved how you ended with Chetan's subdued "Wistful Slumber". That understated, open ending made it all the more powerful.” - Jacob A.


“l'm speechless, your concert was stunning! Wonderful set of piece from Tabakova, I didn't know those gems! Amazing performance of the Two Impromptus from Lowel Liebermann, one of my favorite contemporary composers! Great piece was also the 1st mvt from Hyperspace Sonata! So many compliments for your amazing skills.” - Luca M.

"Bravo!!!!!! I was Thoroughly stunned, moved and crying, completely enjoyed your concert, thankyou!!! Your concert and explanation of the processing you did while playing/practicing shook me to the core. I deeply appreciate you."  - Tamara S.


"What a beautiful and energic recital you gave. You are playing that with great conviction and personality! Bravo!!" - Wilfried W.


"Melissa your concert is breath taking! It is really amazing! Brava!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing it!" - Emanuela F.


"Holy crap!!! Dang!!! That was incredible...musically, technically, artistically, emotionally. So impressed and so proud of you!!!" - Jo V.


"I LOVED the crazy red chaos area where your left hand was grumbling while your right hand was telling us it’s thoughts! Love the ambience, beautifully done! Very emotional. Very very creatively done. And you have crossed the threshold into the heavenly arena of playing with emotion and sonic feel." - Anthony A.


"Bravo Melissa. You are amazing!" - Sophia S.


"Absolutely Beautiful. Congratulations" - Megan G.


"Bravo Melissa! It was absolutely wonderful!" - Nada. N.


"As always you never stop amazing me! Your talent is unbelievable! I was hooked when I attended your piano performance in high school! This concert was amazing and I loved your husband’s pieces - I think they are may favorite" - Dusti J.

"WOW! Incredible!" - Stacie H.


"I watched the whole thing - start to finish. I don't know how you do that. Bravo! Thank you for sharing your massive talent with us." - Angie W.


"Fabulous! Very evocative." - Kim L.


"I can't thank you enough for your beautiful performance and words. It was all terrifically done, bravo! Well produced, everything." - Lowell L.


"I thoroughly enjoyed your concert of music by living composers yesterday.  The repertoire was well chosen and provided such interesting contrasts both musically and stylistically for your audience.  And your playing is just wonderful - clean, mature, artistically refined, all with your strong commitment to COMMUNICATE.  After hearing your outstanding performance, I could not resist emailing several folks to let them know about access to your program being online." - James W.


"Brilliant and Beautiful Melissa!  You are a Force of Nature.  Congratulations!" - Darlena L.


"An absolute powerhouse!" - Alex S.


"We would all like to congratulate you on an amazing concert. It brought up so many emotions and was just delightful. I loved the special effects 😊. That was very creative." - Reshma B.


"Beautiful! Powerful! You are a treasure." - Holly H.


"Loved your concert!!! What a passion! Beautiful!" - Rhonda B.


"Oh my goodness!! That was amazing!!! Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks so much for a wonderful concert!!" - Donna B.

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